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【Event Recap】9 Successful Digital Marketing Tactics

Event Recap

by samson tong

You are going to launch a new product this spring: Your goals are to get higher conversation rate than last campaign and make most out of your digital marketing budget, while facing a lowering engagement rate of your social media fans page…that was just some of topics discussed in our “9 Successful Digital Marketing Tactics” hosted in Campfire Collaborative Space.

Moderated by EchoAsia’s own CCO, Samson Tong, the sharing event co-organized with Ematic Solutions and Elevate Digital covered 9 essential digital marketing tactics from email marketing with AI technology, latest SEO and SEM techniques to social media content strategy.

Bagel Kam, Customer Success Manager, from Ematic Solutions shared her three essential tips in email marketing.
  1. Create a centralized database
    Integrated and updated your email list or groups if your company has multiple divisions and product lines operating email databases on their own.
  2. Focus on engagement, not on sends
    “Customers who are emotionally engaged are more likely to complain less, compliment more, buy more and contribute more than those who are not.”
  3. Stay Focused on Subscriber Acquisition 
    Continue to Grow Your Subscribers Base. Always find ways to acquire your potential email subscriber from, for example, your owed social media platforms.
Bryan Smith, Director of Strategy and Business Development, from Elevate Digital,shared his latest insight in SEO and SEM.
  1. Everything starts with KEYWORDS
    And, Keyword isn’t just ‘Longtail’, it’s Phrase Matching. You need to think about this as your Keyword Research as it’ll better serve your returns via Voice Searching and Google Snippets.
  2. Content, Content, Content
    Think about your users first and foremost. Who are you targeting? What do you want them to achieve? To win at SEO in 2018, you need to be the best result. This means providing great content for your users, across all devices – rather than simply having well optimised content for search engines.
  3. Ending nicely with Backlinks
    Different types of “links” building for different referring domain result.
Finally, Samson Tong, Chief Creative Officer from EchoAsia, shared his insight in digital marketing strategy.
  1. Always strategies your digital marketing and social media content in a campaign approach
    Find competitor cases to learn their success stories.
  2. Define your campaign message and derived not more than 3 keywords
    Focus on these 3 keywords while building your content strategy and SEO seeding plan.
  3. Identify key influencers
    Your brand lovers and invite them to speak for your brand. Aim to converse KOL impression to sale.

9 Successful Digital Marketing Tactics is just the first out of many marketing events coming from EchoAsia in Hong Kong. Bagel, Bryan and Samson are extremely pleased with the turnout and thankful to everyone who came and participated in making this event great.

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