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【Event Recap】9 Successful Digital Marketing Tactics

Event Recap

by samson tong

You are going to launch a new product this spring: Your goals are to get higher conversation rate than last campaign and make most out of your digital marketing budget, while facing a lowering engagement rate of your social media fans page…that was just some of topics discussed in our “9 Successful Digital Marketing Tactics” hosted in Campfire Collaborative Space.

Moderated by EchoAsia’s own CCO, Samson Tong, the sharing event co-organized with Ematic Solutions and Elevate Digital covered 9 essential digital marketing tactics from email marketing with AI technology, latest SEO and SEM techniques to social media content strategy.


Bagel Kam, Customer Success Manager, from Ematic Solutions shared her three essential tips in email marketing.


  1. Create a centralized database
    Integrated and updated your email list or groups if your company has multiple divisions and product lines operating email databases on their own.
  2. Focus on engagement, not on sends
    “Customers who are emotionally engaged are more likely to complain less, compliment more, buy more and contribute more than those who are not.”
  3. Stay Focused on Subscriber Acquisition 
    Continue to Grow Your Subscribers Base. Always find ways to acquire your potential email subscriber from, for example, your owed social media platforms.


Bryan Smith, Director of Strategy and Business Development, from Elevate Digital,shared his latest insight in SEO and SEM.


  1. Everything starts with KEYWORDS
    And, Keyword isn’t just ‘Longtail’, it’s Phrase Matching. You need to think about this as your Keyword Research as it’ll better serve your returns via Voice Searching and Google Snippets.
  2. Content, Content, Content
    Think about your users first and foremost. Who are you targeting? What do you want them to achieve? To win at SEO in 2018, you need to be the best result. This means providing great content for your users, across all devices – rather than simply having well optimised content for search engines.
  3. Ending nicely with Backlinks
    Different types of “links” building for different referring domain result.


Finally, Samson Tong, Chief Creative Officer from EchoAsia, shared his insight in digital marketing strategy.


  1. Always strategies your digital marketing and social media content in a campaign approach
    Find competitor cases to learn their success stories.
  2. Define your campaign message and derived not more than 3 keywords
    Focus on these 3 keywords while building your content strategy and SEO seeding plan.
  3. Identify key influencers
    Your brand lovers and invite them to speak for your brand. Aim to converse KOL impression to sale.

9 Successful Digital Marketing Tactics is just the first out of many marketing events coming from EchoAsia in Hong Kong. Bagel, Bryan and Samson are extremely pleased with the turnout and thankful to everyone who came and participated in making this event great.

Keep following EchoAsia Facebook and book your seat for one of the upcoming events hosted by our Hong Kong-based, CSR-focused, digital marketing agency!

"CSR marketing is a high return investment that brings you more satisfied customer, happier employee , and finally a better community."

CSR Marketing, it #matters more than you think.

by samson tong and EA content team

You’ve just written up the press release about your company employee’s volunteer work and the donation to a charity, or you have just finished off your ESG report in order to meet the ESG requirements, or maybe you were preparing documents to apply for the caring company logo? In any of these situations, you might be wondering if corporate social responsibility marketing is essential to your company and brand, the answer is a definitely “Yes”, here’s why.

Matters to your customer

Multiple published journal have stated that CSR plays an important role in consumer’s decision-making. When you are branding with a heart through CSR marketing, the effectiveness will multiply, organically. Many brands are benefiting from their long-term CSR programs not only because it helps to reinforces companies’ commitment to the communities and the legacy of giving-back, being socially responsible is also what customers generally expect, especially among the millennium generation. Millennial customers have great impact on changes in social responsibility, Toms is indeed a good example.

Matters to your bottomline

Simple logic. People tends to have better re-call rate of your brand where your company invest in the communities. They will say, “this is the company I want to work for or do business with.” CSR marketing not only helps to create good-will culture among employees, it also extend the company’s value to their families and friends.  The positive relation between CSR and employee performance has been proven by many studies, which means employees in socially responsible companies generate better performance than companies that are less socially responsible, whereas CSR activities enhance the employee motivation. After all, studies continue to show that companies are more likely to enjoy competitive advantages, higher brand recognition and reputation, lower employee attrition and better engagement, when they value their employees as individuals and take social responsibility seriously.

One Stone, 3 Birds

Although using CSR as a vessel for a branding strategy has always been challenging, yet the manifestation of good-will will bring you to the reality that you envision: More satisfied customer, happier employee , and finally a better community.  If you do it right, CSR marketing is a high return investment with money spending meaningfully and wisely. More importantly, it matters for a greater good.

CSR Marketing 101

  1. Be authentic and be honest

Rule number one, be authentic and be honest in your brand’s beliefs and commitment to the community. You will gain greater respect if you are genuine.

  1. Values, principle and strategy

It’s vitally important to attach your brand’s beliefs and values to your CSR strategy. Walk through yourself with 4 aspects of CSR: social, economic, environmental and human rights, and work with your management team to build a list of CSR commitments. Prioritize these principles and seed them into your CSR marketing strategy.

  1. Bottom up and top down 

Conduct polls and enquires to gather up interest and collect support from your co-workers. Build the Volunteer team and seek for team leaders.  Always engage your management and you will need them to be determined to commit and support all the way through the campaign.

  1. What reach who and why?

Define your communications goals and narrow down your targeted audience. What do you want to achieve with your message? It’s essential to review and prioritise them. Your programs should be covering co-workers, business partners, Non-profit organizations, stake-holders, volunteers, media, customers and general public, be attentive to the interest and voices from different group while you craft out your CSR campaign.

  1. Give more than money

“Giving hands” offer extra miles than solely making money donation. Good-will would penetrate deeper among both givers and receivers, in a long run. For instance, as a title sponsor of Asia Fencing Championship 2017, Blue Cross Insurance has created a talk-of-the-town integrated marketing campaign which included a Facebook Fund Raising Campaign, AFC Kick-off Ceremony cum Fencing Charity Competition and a series of youth fencing training programs that has benefited nearly 1,000 young people in 2017.

  1. Be transparent and demonstrate the SROI impact 

Craft your CSR campaign into stories and numbers; interview your givers and receivers, have them to share their experience gained from the programs. Life-changing stories always inspire extra brand value. In order to document your CSR achievements effectively, hire an agency to help you record the SROI (social return-of-investment). They can help you to develop KPI in order to track the success of your CSR campaign. Publish and outreach these stories and SRPO reports to media, extend the impact of the campaign to enhance more public awareness.

  1. Be Wise in partnership

Pick your Non-profit partners wisely and engage a communication firm that specializes in CSR campaign management. They will help you to save more time on the winding road and gain extra value from your CSR campaign. It is crucial to appoint a professional agency to publish your CSR achievements, so you should be able to avoid being accused of “goodwashing”.

  1. Be innovative and get viral

Call ECHO ASIA team.

How to Sell a Country as a Brand? Singapore said: Passion Made Possible

By daisy lee
project manager – community & content management 

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) joined together on Aug 24, 2017 to launch their revamp campaign “Passion Made Possible”. This campaign is the country’s first unified brand under a new “SG Mark” logo which aims to market Singapore internationally for both tourism and business investor markets via telling stories about Singapore’s ‘heart’ and ‘soul’. Through 7 tourism attraction themes and 100 individuals’ inspiring stories, target audience would learn stories beyond their general understanding of what Singapore is made of. Furthermore, the campaign also aims to build affinity and affiliation to the country amongst local Singaporeans.  Video marketing via social media outlets is the essential way to help achieve that goal.

Singapore Passion Made Possible

Singapore: Passion Made Possible

This is the fourth revamp campaign that “Singapore brand” has been undertaken over the years. The new campaign logo and tagline “Passion Made Possible” positions the campaign with a young, vibrant and inspirational tone of voice. Singapore has been famous of their city’s cleanliness and architecture design, and hence this campaign aims to drive audience attention to different perspective of Singapore and to tell the brand story beyond the “hardware”. Tourism attraction themes and local Singaporeans’ inspiring stories were filmed as a series of documentary stories in order to tell the world what Singapore really stands for and made of.

DID YOU KNOW: Based on the latest statistic from Hubspot, more than 55% internet user watch online videos every day.

As Mr Lionel Yeo, Chief Executive of STB, stated, “With Passion Made Possible, this brand articulates what we stand for as a country and supports the telling of many stories about this destination and its people. It will allow us to build a deeper and more personal connection between Singapore and our fans and friends, even when they are not actively thinking about travel.” In order to create long term effectiveness of this rebranding campaign, STB grouped 7 major “Passion Tribes” to attract different type of travelers: foodie, explorer, collector, socialiser, action seeker, culture shaper and progressor, which allow customized messages delivered to diverse audience.

‘Passion Tribe’ videos showcase various Singapore’s hidden gems which offers new brand image to tourists – especially sophisticated tourists who are seeking aspirational value intentions from their travel experience. Google’s 2016 statistic pointed out that more than 50% of internet users seek for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store or buying the service.


100 Singaporeans’ personal stories is obviously the catch for the campaign and staying with rule number 1 in video marketing by “centring the message around the story and not the sale”, which is vitally essential. Audience can always relate to the persona which offers strong emotive power. The overall impression of a country could be changed subconsciously among audience through these inspiring persona’s stories.

Further hidden message were seeded in some of the persona interviews that Singapore is a place where passionate people can turn possibilities into reality. Potential business investors could easily picture themselves as one of the inspiring persona as they learned from the videos.

singapore passion made possible

Be Inspired

Beside new logo and series of documentary videos, new website and refined social media platforms were launched together to streamline their overall image among various digital platforms. Tailor-made and localized social media platforms for various target market was created to serve diverse audience interest and tone of voice. A Singapore HK Facebook page was built for Hong Kong audience is a good example how they market the same content in different tone of language (using Cantonese) to suit specific market’s interest.

#passionmadepossible #singapore #videomarketing #passiontribe #echoasiabuzz




By samson tong & echo asia content team  ENGLISH 

今時今日,Facebook營銷早已不是新鮮事,營銷者都紛紛希望可以透過Facebook這個平台令自己的品牌或者活動可以與更多的受眾互動或獲得更多的「讃好」。Facebook營銷的致勝關鍵在於「內容」。近年,眼看不少營銷者都想盡新招數來吸引受眾,用「Facebook直播」作宣傳更成為「新寵」。但有節目,就真的有收視?有時只得零零星星的收看率原因又何在呢?究竟你是未能善用「Facebook直播」,還是你的「Facebook直播」內容未能帶動到理想的宣傳效果呢? 聯絡我們


DID YOU KNOW? 你知道不知道?

1. 黃金直播時間
何時進行「直播」才是最佳的黃金時段?「直播」在哪個段時間播出才是與受眾互動的最佳時機?答案可能是早上10點半例會後,沖杯「回魂咖啡」的小息時間;也可能是下午4點的下午茶時分;或是晚上10點半過後,臨睡前玩Facebook的片刻? 「直播」的播出時間絕對是值得好好思考和研究的課題,確定播出時間前,應該仔細考慮「直播」的目的和受眾在這個方面習慣和喜好是如何。


2. #一條好題 #吸睛標籤
除了選對合適的播放時間,你需要有一個「最強大腦」做帖子(Feed)的內容創作者。無論直播的內容如何精彩,但在短短幾秒內,觀眾往往只能透過一條鬼馬生動的帖題或是吸睛的內容標籤(Hashtag #)來獲取該「直播」的大意,從而決定自己的「去留」。所以必須確保「直播」帖子的題目能夠生動地「預告」影片內容。


3. 回應他們的存在感, 回應他們的存在感 ,再回應他們的存在感
「Facebook直播」的初衷是希望用家可以即時互動分享,所以當利用「Facebook直播」進行品牌營銷時也不要忘記時刻和受眾互動。最有效的方法是讓觀眾有「存在感」,例如當有新觀眾進入和收看「直播」時,主播主動和觀眾打招呼、引導觀眾問問題、鼓勵他們一同將影片實時分享出去,這些小技巧都有助於推高直播的「自然散佈」(Organic Reach)。


4. 有得睇又有得玩

5. 提高「直播」的自然散佈率
最有效的方式是「即時分享」,你可以邀請相關的專頁、團體、群組,甚至是身邊的同事和朋友即時收看和分享「直播」影片,從而獲得更多關注。當影片的「互動率」(Engagement Rate)越高,該影片被Facebook重新派送出去的機會就越高,那麼影片的收視就會越好。


6. 錦上添「花」
你可以考慮邀請受觀眾歡迎的特別嘉賓/ 業界的KOL作客節目,當然不少得的是你要讓他們充分發揮,並且配合主播和觀眾一起互動,必要時還可以配合一些有趣的道具吸引觀眾目光。

7. 贏在Visual上


8. 幾長最好?


9. 如何提高追看性?


10. 添食的藝術


Happy Social Content Marketing^^



By samson tong & echo asia content team  中文版 

You know how challenging it is to get your Facebook content being more engaging with your fans or even earn a few more likes. And, now you also have done your Facebook Live for your event or product showcase yet with only a few dozen of viewers.  Need some help in social content management? Email us for more collaboration opportunity.


Facebook unveiled that users spend 3x more time on average watching live videos compare to normal videos.

1. Timing is everything, isn’t it? 
Think clearly about what is the best time for you to host your Facecbook Live?  When is the best time for your audience to engage this live video?  Is it morning at 1030 when they are off from their first meeting and getting their second cup of coffee, or is it 4pm when they are actually working on their online shopping during their tea break, or is it 1030pm where everyone has finished their TV time and look for some fun stuff online before bed?  Think clearly what your are promoting and when is the best time for your content.


2. Killer Copy and Hashtag
You need a creative header and hashtag to attract random viewers to come into the Live. Make sure your copy reflects the Live content theme and so you can retain these viewers. 


3. Engage Your Audience
Greet them when they come in and let them know it is important to stay tuned.  Welcome your viewers to ask questions. Answer them immediately when they ask through comments.  Ask them to share this Live to their friends in order to get more organic reach.


4. Run a Giveaway
Run a contest, giveaway and other fans interactive events at a certain said time during the Live (you can promote this in-advance), that this can make fans more excited and drive more new fans coming in.

5. Get the Live shared as much as possible
You can ask similar pages or groups to share your Live in advance. Ask your Facebook friends to share and ask your fans to share even during the Live.  The more they share, the more organic push from Facebook you shall receive.


6. Guest and Props
Invite a guest(s) / KOL(s) to your Live and let them be part of the show. Don’t forget yourneed some good props prepared in advance in order to attract viewers’ attention. 

Facebook Live in Space with Mark Zuckerberg

7. Visually Engagement
You either choose a visually engaged background or to choose to offer a moving background (i.e. a shop tour-around) for you fans.  Try not to bore them off, please. 


8. Broadcast Timing
From our experience, the best board-casting duration in Hong Kong is 15-25 minutes per episode.  If you have more that is needed to be said, you can always break down the content into episodes or offer post-live content feeds.


9. Create a Series
Why not? Fans like “Series” and expect to watch something new and exciting content next time. Think strategically of how to breakdown your content into episode.


10. Promote your Live event, countdown to the event  
Do your homework properly.  Make sure to promote you Live before and after. If this was a good Live with good organic views and shares, then it is worth to put some dollars to give it a boost after the Live which shall give you more reach and engagement to your page – from our experience.  

That’s all. Hope this help and please share this with your friend if you find this useful.  You are most welcome to call us for help if needed. 

Happy Social Content Marketing^^



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