An official open day to engage more than 1,000 public from local minor communities, stakeholders, families, students to neighbourhood from Kai Tak district.  An open-to-public fun fair and education tours followed by an opening ceremony conducted by Mr. Wong Kam-sing, GBS, JP, Secretary for the Environment, Mr. SIT Wing-hang, JP, Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services, and Mr. Chris Chong, Managing Director of Hong Kong District Cooling Co. Limited.

The Kai Tak Development is a huge development project spanning a total area of over 320 hectares covering the ex-airport and nearby areas with large demand for air-conditioning.

Kai Tak District Cooling (KTDC) is the pioneer energy efficient air conditioning system of the Hong Kong Government.  By utilization of sea water to produce chilled water at the central plants and distributes the chilled water to consumer buildings in the area through underground water piping network, users like Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, EMSD Headquarter, Children Hospital, Shopping Mall are now enjoying more sustainable and reliable air conditioning, while achieving higher energy saving and lesser environmental impact.     

#海水製冷 #節能新方向

[香港政府新聞網 – 海水製冷 節能新方向]

Kai Tak District Cooling Open Day 2018

Kai Tak District Cooling Open Day 2018



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