How to Sell a Country as a Brand? Singapore said: Passion Made Possible

By daisy lee
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The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) joined together on Aug 24, 2017 to launch their revamp campaign “Passion Made Possible”. This campaign is the country’s first unified brand under a new “SG Mark” logo which aims to market Singapore internationally for both tourism and business investor markets via telling stories about Singapore’s ‘heart’ and ‘soul’. Through 7 tourism attraction themes and 100 individuals’ inspiring stories, target audience would learn stories beyond their general understanding of what Singapore is made of. Furthermore, the campaign also aims to build affinity and affiliation to the country amongst local Singaporeans.  Video marketing via social media outlets is the essential way to help achieve that goal.

Singapore Passion Made Possible

Singapore: Passion Made Possible

This is the fourth revamp campaign that “Singapore brand” has been undertaken over the years. The new campaign logo and tagline “Passion Made Possible” positions the campaign with a young, vibrant and inspirational tone of voice. Singapore has been famous of their city’s cleanliness and architecture design, and hence this campaign aims to drive audience attention to different perspective of Singapore and to tell the brand story beyond the “hardware”. Tourism attraction themes and local Singaporeans’ inspiring stories were filmed as a series of documentary stories in order to tell the world what Singapore really stands for and made of.

DID YOU KNOW: Based on the latest statistic from Hubspot, more than 55% internet user watch online videos every day.

As Mr Lionel Yeo, Chief Executive of STB, stated, “With Passion Made Possible, this brand articulates what we stand for as a country and supports the telling of many stories about this destination and its people. It will allow us to build a deeper and more personal connection between Singapore and our fans and friends, even when they are not actively thinking about travel.” In order to create long term effectiveness of this rebranding campaign, STB grouped 7 major “Passion Tribes” to attract different type of travelers: foodie, explorer, collector, socialiser, action seeker, culture shaper and progressor, which allow customized messages delivered to diverse audience.

‘Passion Tribe’ videos showcase various Singapore’s hidden gems which offers new brand image to tourists – especially sophisticated tourists who are seeking aspirational value intentions from their travel experience. Google’s 2016 statistic pointed out that more than 50% of internet users seek for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store or buying the service.

100 Singaporeans’ personal stories is obviously the catch for the campaign and staying with rule number 1 in video marketing by “centring the message around the story and not the sale”, which is vitally essential. Audience can always relate to the persona which offers strong emotive power. The overall impression of a country could be changed subconsciously among audience through these inspiring persona’s stories.

Further hidden message were seeded in some of the persona interviews that Singapore is a place where passionate people can turn possibilities into reality. Potential business investors could easily picture themselves as one of the inspiring persona as they learned from the videos.

singapore passion made possible

Be Inspired

Beside new logo and series of documentary videos, new website and refined social media platforms were launched together to streamline their overall image among various digital platforms. Tailor-made and localized social media platforms for various target market was created to serve diverse audience interest and tone of voice. A Singapore HK Facebook page was built for Hong Kong audience is a good example how they market the same content in different tone of language (using Cantonese) to suit specific market’s interest.

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