September 11, 2017 Sara Yung


By samson tong & echo asia content team

You know how challenging it is to get your Facebook content being more engaging with your fans or even earn a few more likes. And, now you also have done your Facebook Live for your event or product showcase yet with only a few dozen viewers.  Need some help in social content management? Email us for more collaboration opportunity.

Facebook unveiled that users spend 3x more time on average watching live videos compare to normal videos.

1. Timing is everything, isn’t it? 
Think clearly about what is the best time for you to host your Facebook Live?  When is the best time for your audience to engage in this live video?  Is it morning at 1030 when they are off from their first meeting and getting their second cup of coffee, or is it 4pm when they are actually working on their online shopping during their tea break, or is it 1030pm where everyone has finished their TV time and look for some fun stuff online before bed?  Think clearly what your are promoting and when is the best time for your content.

2. Killer Copy and Hashtag
You need a creative header and hashtag to attract random viewers to come into the Live. Make sure your copy reflects the Live content theme and so you can retain these viewers. 

3. Engage Your Audience
Greet them when they come in and let them know it is important to stay tuned.  Welcome your viewers to ask questions. Answer them immediately when they ask through comments.  Ask them to share this Live to their friends in order to get more organic reach.

4. Run a Giveaway
Run a contest, giveaway and other fans interactive events at a certain said time during the Live (you can promote this in-advance), that this can make fans more excited and drive more new fans coming in.

5. Get the Live shared as much as possible
You can ask similar pages or groups to share your Live in advance. Ask your Facebook friends to share and ask your fans to share even during the Live.  The more they share, the more organic push from Facebook you shall receive.

6. Guest and Props
Invite a guest(s) / KOL(s) to your Live and let them be part of the show. Don’t forget you will need some good props prepared in advance in order to attract viewers’ attention.

Facebook Live in Space with Mark Zuckerberg

7. Visually Engagement
You either choose a visually engaged background or to choose to offer a moving background (i.e. a shop tour-around) for you fans.  Try not to bore them off, please. 

8. Broadcast Timing
From our experience, the best board-casting duration in Hong Kong is 15-25 minutes per episode.  If you have more that is needed to be said, you can always break down the content into episodes or offer post-live content feeds.

9. Create a Series
Why not? Fans like “Series” and expect to watch something new and exciting content next time. Think strategically of how to breakdown your content into episodes.

10. Promote your Live event, countdown to the event  
Do your homework properly.  Make sure to promote your Live before and after. If this was a good Live with good organic views and shares, then it is worth to put some dollars to give it a boost after the Live which shall give you more reach and engagement to your page – from our experience.

That’s all. Hope this helps and please share this with your friend if you find this useful.  You are most welcome to call us for help if needed.

Happy Social Content Marketing^^


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