We initiated the partnership with Hong Kong Fencing Association (“HKFA”) and pitched for the first title sponsorship of Hong Kong Open Fencing Championships (“HKO”) in 2015. Since then, Blue Cross has become the long-term partner of HKFA and co-organizer of various fencing events/programmes such as 2016 HKO Media Luncheon and 2016/17 Blue Cross Youth Fencing Training Programme.

In 2017, together with HKFA, we created a talk-of-the-town Integrated Marketing Communications (“IMC”) Campaign to create buzz for AFC that greatly raised awareness for fencing and brand exposure for Blue Cross. IMC Campaign components:

  • Facebook Fundraising Campaign
  • AFC Kick-off Ceremony cum Fencing Charity Competition
  • AFC Advertising Campaign
  • A series of youth fencing training programs that has benefited nearly 1,000 young people

Excellence in Integrated Marketing - Asian Fencing Championship 2017


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