We have been awarded as the brand agency to create both the Upcycled Art Installation Wheels of Life” (「逸・輪」) and the Community Weekend campaigns for ALVA HOTEL BY ROYAL. Inspired by the hotel’s urban oasis concept and commitment to community engagement, “Wheels of Life” is an up-cycled art installation created by collecting used bicycle wheels from the local community.

The installation is built with 88 recycled 20-inch wheels, in the shape of a leaf that is flowing in the air, in harmony with the surrounding nature, and echoes with the ALVA Discovery cycling programmes. At nighttime, the wheels will glow and exude a warm ambience. An extension of the Wheels of Life can also be found inside Alva House, where another art piece co-created with guests by decorating the recycled bicycle parts is placed.

Design Team: Architect Mr. Au Fai, architecture students of the University of Hong Kong



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