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Food Waste!? Can Be A Beneficial Resource that Supports the Community

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“The total amount of edible food waste generated every day from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department was enough for an adult to survive for 34 whole years?”

Greeners Action

According to Greeners Action in 2014, a total of 14.3 tonnes of edible food waste were generated every day from 75 markets under the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. This amount was enough for an adult to survive for 34 whole years. Nowadays, leftovers constitute almost 40% of the disposable waste in Hong Kong and there are 3500 tonnes of leftovers produced per day. Every year, the amount of food waste accumulates to an appalling point that is equal to the weight of 240 double-decker buses.

double-decker bus echo asia
The amount of food waste every year is equal to the weight of 240 double-decker buses.

Efficient recourses allocation could ease off poverty and environmental impacts

Contradictory, grassroot community is still suffering from hunger and poverty. The poverty population in Hong Kong is almost 14.6 million and Oxfam points out that 15% of the parents in these lower-class families could not get ample nutrients for maintaining their health in 2011. Thus, if resources are allocated more efficiently, it can undoubtedly alleviate the environmental problem while helping out the struggling grassroots.

“Food donation in bulk is not rare if we pitch in, or else it will all end up in the landfills.”

Sum Chui, the Project Manager of St. James’ Settlement (FOOD-CO), HK

FOOD-CO echo asia

FOOD-CO, one of the innovative social enterprises in our society, is now undertaking the role of indispensable bridge between food assistance agencies and donors. They mainly collect goods within 2-month expiration from the catering industry and wholesalers and transfer them to the local residents.

FOOD-CO echo asia
Apart from providing meals to the grassroots community, food donation also helps reduce the amount of waste in landfills.
Photo Credit: FOOD-CO

Nowadays, they have more than 600 business partners and cooperate with 260 food assistance agencies. They receive 2 to 3 cases of food donation per week and one huge donation for almost every 4 months and they are offering meals for over 2000 people.

FOOD-CO echo asia
Photo Credit: FOOD-CO


Apart from FOOD-CO, other organizations like Feeding Hong Kong and Foodlink Foundation also collect high-quality leftovers from different manufacturers and retailers and hand in to the charities for relocating to the people in need. A total of 37 thousands meals was provided to the needy groups every year. The great amount of food collected showcases how ‘waste’ can be beneficial to our society. Hence, if you have any leftovers, please consider giving to these corporations for reducing cost and protecting the environment.


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